Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I use 1400Evals to evaluate a structure that isn’t a Live Fire Training Structure?

A: 1400Evals has been designed exclusively for the evaluation of Live Fire Training Structures and is not intended for any other use.

Q: What should I do to prepare for my evaluation?

A: Choose a date to perform the evaluation that does not interfere with your training schedule. Ensure that you have access to the entire LFTS and within reason, relocate any items that conceal structural members, thermal linings, floors, and walls. The more you can see, the more you will benefit from your visual evaluation.

Q: What are the NFPA requirements?

A: NFPA 1402 requires that all live fire training structures be evaluated and documented annually by the owner/operator or AHJ. Additionally, less frequent evaluations in which a portion of the thermal lining must be removed, shall be performed by a licensed P.E. with LFTS experience, or by another qualified professional at intervals determined by NFPA. For more information or to determine the frequency requirements of your LFTS please refer to NFPA 1402.

Q: What types of structures require annual evaluations?

A: NFPA 1402 states that all Live Fire Training Structures (also commonly referred to asburn buildingsorburn towers)be evaluated annually. This includes containerized structures – single story and multi-story, pre-engineering steel buildings, and masonry buildings.

Q: What types of structures do not require structural evaluations?

A: NFPA 1402 excludes the following from this requirement: flashover containers, mobile live fire training props, acquired structures, SCBA trainers (without live fire)

Q: We rarely use our LFTS. Are annual evaluations still required?

A: Yes. NFPA 1402 requirements do not change based on the frequency of live fire

Q: I have more than one LFTS. Do I need to purchase an evaluation for each?

A: Our streamlined system is designed to record the details of a single LFTS. To purchase multiple evaluations you may adjust the quantity prior to checkout.

Q: I am aware of damage that needs to be repaired. Should I wait until the repairs are complete to perform my evaluation?

A:  No. You should maintain a regular evaluation cycle and any damage will be documented as part of the evaluation. Please note that NFPA 1403, Chapter 7.2.1. states that when damage occurs it shall be documented and the building owner or AHJ shall be notified.

Q: Do I need core drilling?

A: Core drilling is only required for LFTS’ constructed with calcium aluminate refractory concrete. 1400Evals is not recommended for use in structures containing calcium aluminate.

Q: What equipment is required for 1400Evals?

A: You will need a camera equipped smart phone, tablet, or laptop to get started. Once you have purchased an evaluation you will be provided with a short list of common items to carry with you during your evaluation.

If you choose the SME-guided option, you will need internet access inside the LFTS.

Q: What should I do if defects are discovered during my evaluation?

A: Our report will provide you with a consolidated list of any defects and their level of severity. This may be used as a guide to solicit pricing from vendors to complete the necessary repairs.

Q: When are SMEs available?

A: 1400Evals will work with you to schedule an SME guided evaluation at a time that works best for you. We recommend that your evaluation be completed during daylight hours for optimal observation. 

Q: How is 1400Evals so affordable?

A: 1400Evals has streamlined the evaluation process by utilizing tools that remove the need for our experts to travel to you. With your assistance, we are able to eliminate the cost of air travel, hotels, car rentals, and idle time, and pass those savings on to you.

Additionally, 1400Evals has simplified the ordering process by eliminating many of the costs typically required in public procurement of more expensive services.