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    On-Site Burn Building Evaluation

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    Schedule a time and date for a site inspector to visit your training facility to identify and document defects. Our evaluators will then review the findings and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the severity of each defect.

  • Details

    • Upon purchase, expect an email containing scheduling information and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the on-site walkthrough.
    • Following the inspection by our site inspector, the findings are promptly sent to a Subject Matter Expert for evaluation, typically completed within 24-48 hours.
    • Once an SME completes their evaluation, you will receive a Structural Integrity Certificate and a detailed report that meticulously outlines defects, damages, and the severity of each issue.


    • Enjoy a hassle-free experience. Simply schedule a time and date and we'll handle the rest.
    • Receive a comprehensive evaluation from a Subject Matter Expert with live fire training expertise.
    • Compliance with NFPA 1402, Chapter 7, which requires that the structural integrity of all Live Fire Training Structures is evaluated and documented annually.
    • Compliance with NFPA 1403, 6.2.6 and 7.2.5.

    Who Conducts the Evaluation?

    If you'd like to meet the minds behind your building's evaluation, visit our Meet Our SMEs page to explore the profiles of our dedicated evaluation experts.