NFPA Requirements

NFPA 1402 mandates annual evaluations for certain types of fire training structures to ensure the safety and integrity of these facilities. However, not all structures used for fire training require these yearly assessments. Use this guide to quickly determine if your training structure needs an annual evaluation.
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Structures That Require Annual Evaluations

  • Live Fire Training Structures (Burn Buildings or Burn Towers)
  • Containerized Burn Structures (Single-Story and Multi-Story)
  • Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Used for Live Fire Training
  • Masonry Buildings Used for Live Fire Training

If your training structure falls into any of these categories, you must conduct annual evaluations to maintain compliance with NFPA 1402.

Structures Exempt from Annual Evaluations

  • Flashover Containers
  • Mobile Live Fire Training Props
  • Acquired Structures
  • SCBA Trainers (Without Live Fire)

These structures, although used for fire training, are exempt from the annual evaluation requirement outlined in NFPA 1402.

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