Meet Our SMEs

Meet  our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who bring unparalleled expertise to every evaluation. Armed with years of live fire training structure experience and a deep understanding of NFPA standards, our SMEs are committed to delivering evaluations that guarantee the highest standards of safety and compliance.
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Dan Frame

Subject Matter ExpertMilwaukee, WI

Dan entered the fire training structure industry in 2007 by overseeing the construction of a burn building at Pacific Air Force Base. He later honed his skills in drafting, planning, and sales at an engineering firm and steered the firm towards specializing in NFPA structural evaluations. Since Dan assumed ownership of the firm in 2019, he has been delivering evaluations for hundreds of fire academies across North America. When the COVID-19 pandemic posed new challenges to traditional evaluation methods, Dan's innovative spirit and collaboration with industry professionals led to the founding of 1400Evals.

In every evaluation, Dan applies his technical expertise and hands-on experience to meticulously analyze every defect. Rather than a mere checklist, Dan provides comprehensive insights into the health and safety of the fire training structure. This attention to detail ensures an unmatched level of thoroughness in our evaluations.

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